It’s Official

18 Jan

So it appears that I am a genius after all, or at least my knowledge is superior to three self-proclaimed geniuses.

Sadly this accolade comes with a sad lining, it appears that my contention that Apple is a sinister company has more hard evidence.

As most of you know, I abandoned the church of Apple two years ago, after 25 years of worship. I left because the church was drifting from the original scriptures.  What was once an easy to use seamless interface now needs a bar of “geniuses” at the Apple store to help the faithful.

I recently got an iPod, my first.  Seconds after connecting it to my laptop Apple was demanding my name, address and phone number.  To make matters worse, in order to get the artwork for my CDs once imported into iTunes, they asked me to set up an account at the iStore and give them my credit card so I could get only artwork from artists who are also in the church.

To aggravate the insult, when I use Windows Media player the artwork just shows up, without any intervention on my part and I did not have to submit to a retinal scan or cavity search.

Now comes the real kicker, did you know that you can not listen to Dark Side of the Moon on an iPod? It seems to be true, at least according to the three lesser geniuses.

When I say you can’t listen to Dark Side of the Moon (or most live albums or those where the artists like to segue specific songs) I mean that you can not listen to it the way that the artist intended.  It seems that Apple feels their flock is to stupid to know when one song is finished and the next one begins so they insert an audio marker so we know.  Problem being is that when we listen to Dark Side morph from one song to the next the Floyd thought we would just go with the flow and not need to be notified that the song has changed.

All three people wearing a “genius” tag on their shirt said that I would have to put up with the imperfections in their product and I told them that was not possible, there had to be an explanation.  I suggested to reinstall the iPod software and guess what?  Like I said – I am a genius.

PS, hope you feel better soon Steve.

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