Mass Goosing

20 Jan

If you own a Canada Goose parka, I’m jealous. They are incredibly well designed and manufactured. If they don’t keep you warm then see your doctor as you probably have circulation issues. That being said, when I am due for a replacement parka I would never buy one. It is not because of their popularity (I counted 10 in five minutes while downtown with two strangers sitting side by side on the subway with their arm logo patches touching as if they were mating). I would not buy one because I prefer goose.

Goose down has no comparison for it warmth, loft and lightness. The world’s best come from north Europe, especially Hungary. The problem with Canada Goose parkas is they are not goose, they are duck. Yes they are still probably as warm, but that comes at a cost – weight. It takes many more duck feathers to insulate on par with goose.

Winter is enough of a burden, let alone adding a heavy coat on top of that. Trust me as I have a Hudson Bay blanket coat that I wear on accession. Yes it is stylish and the compliments are non stop, but it’s like wearing half a dozen water logged sheep on your back. Whereas goose down is like a super light sleeping bag that you would not know you are wearing if it were not for the warmth. It is the most cozy of feelings in all of winter.

For those of you who feel this is an unfair rag – you would be right, if the company was called Canada Duck.

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One response to “Mass Goosing

  1. Laura

    14 April 2011 at 10:01 pm

    I’ve been wearing a fleece coat for years. A sweater underneath with a scarf and hat and mittens. It’s been enough for me. It does get cold when I am waiting at the Barrie Bus Terminal, right on the water. But I’ve lived through a lot of winters with that coat. Just bought a new one last year, about the same as the old one but a bit longer. They’re cheap too, my price range at least.


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