And the Winner Is…

03 Feb

With the Oscars around the corner, and having seen 9 out of the ten nominated movies, here are my selections including three “take it to the back” sure thing locks!

It really was a great year for movies, best in a decade in my opinion. There were some sleepers that did not make the awards circuit (The Town, Money Never Sleeps and Unstoppable), but the ones currently getting attention deserve it, with one exception.

The Kings Speech was a good movie a solid B+, but under no circumstances is it a great movie. A movie about the King getting aid for his speech impediment, OK that grips me for 20 minutes, then what? Very pedestrian.

Best Picture: Who will win – The Kings Speech, why – the voters are pedestrian.  Who should win – Black Swan was artistic, visionary, and truly inspired film making and would not be unwarranted, as would Inception (even though the premise was in no mans land between fiction and sci-fi).  It was the Social Network however that made me feel like shit for 48 hours after watching it, during which time I wished I had not seen it.  Art creates a reaction, and if these awards were given for artistic merit then The Social Network wins in a landslide.

Best Actor: Who will win – Colin Firth after all, he had to stutter.  To me however the award is about who gave the best acting performance, not who mastered the gimmick.  Jeff Bridges was brilliant and unrecognizable in True Grit, but playing a broken down drunk is his gimmick, as seen by his win last year.  Jesse Eisenberg was believable and unlikable, both marks of a great performance, he should win.

Best Actress: Who will win – who cares?  People don’t go to movies to see women act, sad as the truth is.  They may go to see sexy women on the big screen, but generally speaking movie stardom is a man’s game.  Natalie Portman will win and should.

Best Supporting Actor and Actress:  Lock, lock, lock – take it to the bank honey.   Christian Bale and Melissa Leo from the Fighter. There is a less then zero chance of both of them not winning.

Best Screenplay: Adapted, The Social Network. Original, Inception.

Original Score: Lock this one up and back your tuck up to the bank,  Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor for the Social Network.

Director:  David Fincher for the Social Network.

Movies to see, in order. The Social Network, True Grit, Black Swan, The Fighter.

Still the best entertainment value out there. Like they say “go big or stay home”.

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One response to “And the Winner Is…

  1. Laura

    14 April 2011 at 9:56 pm

    People do go to movies to see women act. That’s why there are so many “chick flicks”. I’m certainly not going to look at their boobs, I can see my own any time I want.


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