Beware the Tidal Wave

11 Feb

“Honey when you’re at the store please pick up some Tide”.

Simple enough huh?  Well just try following those instructions without calling, texting, sending smoke signals or a carrier pigeon for clarification from her.

I counted 52 different purchase options for Tide at one store!

It starts with powder and liquid, that’s reasonable.  Add into the matrix regular wash, cold wash and high-efficiency wash.

You want it to smell nice right?  Mountain fresh, April shower, Febreze or Downy fresh sent… Oh hell throw in an uncented option for good measure.

Now comes the complicated part, volume – how many loads do you want to wash?  Starting at 20 loads we then move to 24, 26, 32, 38, 42, 54, 68,72, and 96.  What! No 88 load?   What heathens!!!

Clearly there is sound logic for this.  Let’s pull out our Mayan calendar to see when the world will end, then work backwards.

“Sweetie get the 24 wash size instead of the 26 because Armageddon is near and I hate to get stuck holding two wash loads worth of Tide when the grim reaper shows up”.

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One response to “Beware the Tidal Wave

  1. Laura

    14 April 2011 at 9:53 pm

    Liquid HE, no scent. Pretty simple when you know what you want. lol I don’t care about the wash loads. That depends more on whether I am getting the bus home (carrying the Tide) or not.


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