Martyrdom is Not Served at the Cafeteria

25 Feb

Have you ever noticed how modern day martyrs tend to pick and choose when they throw themselves on the sword and not?

For example, the eco-martyr.  He loves to laud his love and care of the environment over you at every opportunity.  That is until he becomes a parent and starts using disposable diapers.  Oh he will jump all over you for not using a “green” product to clean your sink, but the fact that his child’s poopy diapers will hang around for 500 years is conveniently lost on him.

What about the nutrition-martyr, the one who reads every ingredients label and gives you that “look” every time you pick up something to eat?  Have you ever seen this person belly up to the bar at Starbucks?  A simple coffee or tea is beneath them as they load up on the fat with a 45 syllable drink?

Lets not forget the moral martyr, the one who would rather die then buy some foreign made product in Walmart.  That is until it is time for him to order a bottle of wine or pint of beer.

Most of these martyrs are not so much invested in their cause as much as they seek a hammer to hit you with.  Something to help define themselves, a chance to impose a misguided superiority.

Not to worry, it can be quite fun to remind them when their image slips, only to hear them try to justify that they did not check that box when they ordered their martyrdom at the cafeteria!

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