Like Riding a Bike

17 Mar

I still have it!

My mojo, that savour-afire that you can’t buy at any price.

For all the new converts – I spent 30 years living in the absolute epicentre downtown core. For the last five years I have been suburban.

Sure, it felt good giving directions to tourists within my first five minutes in Manhattan, but the real test comes when you go back to your roots – is the reverence still there?

While I am only 40 minutes removed from my former playground, visits have become less frequent and less desired.

Last week I decided to spend a day and test my status. Did I still have street-cred in the hood?
It seems some things just never leave you as it was just like ringing a bell!

I first went to the premier optician for an adjustment. Upon entering I was greeted by name and when I asked to purchase a new case it was given to me “tin roof” (urban lingo for on-the-house)

Then my dentist felt compelled to discuss his hand-made fountain pen and afterwards deemed it unnecessary to bill me for the x-ray.

The North Face store asked to take a photo of my 20 year old jacket in pristine condition, so old it is sans (without) logo.

Speaking of pristine (can that word be used twice in one blog entry?) at the new Louis Vuitton Maison (french for home) they called the old grey haired man from Paris who was wearing what was clearly a $5,000 suit to examine and praise my 30 year old wallet while we discussed a case for my bass.

At the Art Gallery they offered to renew my annual membership and give me three months for free. In the interest of full disclosure I can not take credit for that gesture as it is undoubtedly residual from the note I sent to the chairman last year complementing staff for opening the gift shop early exclusively for me.

Damn, am I wearing a sign that says “Handle Like Eggs”!

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