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Darwin Is Rolling

Ok, enough with the tablet craze already, can someone please explain it to me?

I understand the fun aspect of touch screen but for God’s sake people, were did we come from. Remember that brand new TV or computer years ago when someone went to touch the screen? How you used to jump out like a cobra to stop them from touching that precious screen!

Not to mention typing. All the efforts to construct ergonomic workstations, computer tables and keyboards to make typing less physically straining. Has anyone tried to type a few pages on an ipad lately?

Of course when it comes to reading a paper-based book my favorite part is the thrill of actually holding that thing for several hours while reading in bed – it helps to strengthen my arms and neck as I try to contort my body into a readable position.

I know, I know you can get a stand and keyboard attached to your tablet. As a matter of fact why not invent the keyboard and stand to fold on top of the screen to protect it? Then when you open it the keyboard it will hold the screen so I can eat some spaghetti while reading War and Peace. We could give it more power, more applications and while we’re at it – why not throw in Flash for good measure. I would call such a leap on the evolutionary chain a netbook!

In the interest of being objective, there are two types of people who would benefit from a tablet.

If you are a doctor at bedside showing a patient the x-ray of the catscan showing the effects on their brain from watching American Idol. Or if you are a salesman for industrial toilet paper on the plant floor of the magnet factory trying to estimate toilet paper consumption based on what they have loaded in their vending machines – you have an app for that!

Scientifically, the true end-result from de-evolutionally thinking like this is extinction, so wake up people!

That rumble you feel is not a tremor it is the effect of Charles Darwin rolling over in his grave.

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