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Please give me some attention, please? Is anyone listening, hello, hello?

So the Occupy Wall Street protesters and their copycats in other cities are protesting the rich – is that the best they can do? That is like protesting people with red-hair or protesting those who like opera.

What do they expect to happen, mass genocide of anyone who makes over a certain amount? If not, the only other option is Communism, which sure seems to be on the upswing internationally.

How about the real issue, this group just wants attention and this is their feeble attempt.  If a two year-old wants attention what do they do……exactly!.

Why are they so pissed off?  To answer that we need to know who they really are pissed off at.

They are not pissed off at the rich 1% as they say. If that were the case then you think they would boycott them. Steve Jobs was in the 1%, Apple is the richest company in the world, do you think they are not greedy? But Apple is ok, just like multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are ok, Starbucks, Google…etc etc. Those companies are ok because they are not protesting the richest 1%, they are protesting against themselves – people under 30 – “Generation Duh”.

They are pissed off that their Grandparents had Woodstock and Hendrix. They are pissed off that their parents had Lollapalooza and U2. They are pissed off they they have Occupy Wall Street and Third Eye Blind.

If you are unable to create anything for yourself, then protest what others have created.

I think it about time someone changed their diaper and gave them a bottle.  It’s past their bedtime.

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