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iChoice and iConsequenses

Let’s call a spade a spade shall we. In the debate over abortion, the so called “Pro Choice” side is not pro choice at all – it is Pro Abortion. That is misdirection at it best, even better the the booze industry’s “Please Drink Responsibly” Imagine a three word slogan to fight drunk driving where the first two words are Please Drink!

We all have choices in life, everyone of us that draws air is born with the right to choose. Clearly some choices have consequences. Speaking out against your government can have little consequences in the West but it could mean life in a labour camp in North Korea. Choice does not change, only the consequences.

What the pro abortionists want is legal and readily accessible abortions, simple as that. Abortions with no consequences. They are entitled to their opinion but understand that they want to deny the most basic of all human rights – the right to a lifetime.

Next time you pro abortionists are plugged into your ipod, typing on your mac, or playing with your iphone, just remember this – Steve Jobs was put up for adoption. Imagine your life today if in the mid 1950’s abortion was as available as it is today?

Remember, the nest aborted child could be the one who grows up to cure cancer.

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