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Facebook Will Eat Itself

What happened to MySpace?  It seemed so popular, so well-used and widespread.

AOL, Alta Vista, Geocities, Nabster, ICQ, do I need to continue?

There is a vast heap of perfectly valid, fully functioning web products that have died a near instantaneous death, why?

As some would say, it was for the most part due to a superior product to replace it.  Ah, simple solutions satisfy simple minds. 🙂

Web users are like the offspring of a fashionista and a lemming, fickle and quick to follow the pack for fear of standing alone.

Whereas most of you may think the term “the bigger they are the harder they fall” was coined to describe David vs Goliath – not true.  It may have debuted back then but was clearly meant to be used to describe the eminent collapse of Facebook and Twitter.

The irony will be that Facebook will eat itself as once the “Next Big Thing” surfaces how do you think the fashionistas, lemmings and twitteratti will find out about it?

If only there was a way for users to communicate to all their friends and followers instantly to tell them to join them on the latest and greatest thing for fear of being left behind.  If only there were a herd mentality among web users perfectly at ease with discarding one outfit for a newer more trendy one.  If only…

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