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My New York Minute

After my recent trip to Manhattan, here are a minutes worth of reflections.

Enough with the Levis!  Every store seems to have a fully stocked Levi department.  Forgetaboutit, don’t even think about investing time or money in this crap.  Go to APC or BinG (both in SoHo) to get jeans the way Levi used to make them 75 years ago, when quality mattered.

Someone (me) needs to design a sunshine tour.  One that takes into account time of day and season of the year to allow visitors to suck up what little sun that does hit the sidewalk.

Rebuild the twins. It has been over ten years, enough is enough.  Dust off the original blueprints and rebuild the World Trade Center as it was.  One exception would be to station a low ranking, trigger-happy  naval specialist on the top floor with a battery of Sidewinders. Just  in case any planes have the courage to get “lost” within his range.

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